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Ramji Shukla technical expertise includes the areas of data communications, local area networks, voice and video over coaxial cable, radio systems, telephone systems, fiber optics, and twisted pair media. Our company provides consulting, design assistance, training, and systems analysis for sophisticated end users and manufacturers. Services include a full range of management level services ranging from design or analysis of complex communications systems, cost/benefit studies of vendor or internal staff proposed systems, technical analysis for new ventures, preparation of Requests for Proposals, to technical business guidance for clients' use of vendor services. In this role we perform telecommunications system and vendor analysis and provide vendor recommendations and act as liaisons when appropriate

Ramji Shukla Online Technical Support

We also provide training and technical assistance for clients upgrading their telecommunications equipment or services regarding their long distance, cellular, and PCS communications systems. This includes advising clients regarding service alternatives and assisting with qualifying providers and vendors. In this role, we can perform billing and service audits. We have provided assistance for numerous clients by acting as liaisons with their telecommunications providers and equipment vendors. We also provide recruitment assistance for personnel in our fields of expertise and assist venture and other investors with technical or market segment analysis for potential placements.

Most of our projects are billed on an hourly basis for our time and start with a no obligation Phase Zero Study. Call for more information on this innovative program for assessing the future benefits of consultant involvement while obtaining valuable assistance.

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OUR Mission

Our design and development team members come from roles as diverse as Client/Project Managers, Senior Designers, Solution Architects and Small Business Client Managers. We work closely with our client base to help them better understand how usability and design works with their brand to ensure that users (both internal and external) are engaged and enthusiastic (or at the very least positive) about the application they are using.

Technical Support

Ramji Shukla tech Support has been a provider for online tech support since inception in 2010, and has risen among the ranks to be one of the top tech support companies available. We've helped over 100 individual clients with their technical support issues each year, and we have been growing at a steady rate. We don't just offer simple tech support, we enable remote access and allow the customers to watch each and every action that we take to solve the issues you may be facing. This is helpful for many reasons including the advantage of a bonus education on how to resolve the issue yourself. This in itself can be a huge value when you evaluate the cost of the technical support itself. It can save you a lot of money in the future, and our customers can vouch for that!

Router Support

e believe in complete satisfaction of the customer with our technical support services. Therefore, we don’t ask for a single penny unless your problem is resolved and you are convinced with our services. A specialized team of MikroTik Certified Technicians will make sure that your problem is completely resolved and all the needed measures will be taken so that you don’t face the same problem again and again. Along with computer help and support in solving a technical problem, we also help in connecting devices like router, wireless printer, wireless devices and removing viruses and malware. Whether you face issues in the day or night, we are always available at your service. All you need to do pick up your phone and dial our online tech support number 9919548750 for All India. You can also mail your queries at ramjishukla18@gmail.com and our technicians will get back to as soon as possible.

PC Smart Care Wi-Fi Support

PC Smart Care provides with excellent Wi-Fi support in affordable price and round the clock service. We provide assistance for following router brands: D-Link Router MikroTik Router Linksys Router Netgear Router Belkin Router If you are using any of the above routers and facing any difficulty in its working, feel free to call PC Smart Care Wi-Fi Support on their number 9919548750 or start live chat with our proficient technicians so as to eliminate any Wi-Fi problems. We provide round the clock services, anytime, any day through phone, chat or email. We have provided 24H resolution in first call within 1-2 hours of estimated time. Don’t let poor Wi-Fi connection become a hurdle in your work. Contact PC Smart Care number or through our website for professional assistance in affordable price to end your Wi-Fi related issues.

  • Tech Services

    Online technical support companies should provide a broad array of services for consumers, home offices and small businesses. From PC repair to virus removal, available services should address a wide range of technical issues. Comprehensive support is especially important if you purchase a subscription rather than pay for a one-time fix; this ensures that the service can assist you with any tech problem you may run into on your computer or various peripheral in the future.

    Devices & Peripherals

    Beyond computers, most of us use a vast array of additional devices on a daily basis. Therefore, it's crucial that any tech support company you consider offers support for all the tech devices you use. These may include (but aren't limited to) PCs, Mac computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, routers, cameras and MP3 players. A handful of tech support companies we reviewed also offer technical support for televisions.

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    Address :- 636/023 B Astha Vihar Colony Sec-11 Indira Nagar Lucknow U.P India 226016 Mobile +91 9919548750 Email: ramjishukla18@gmail.com

  • Service Features

    There's more to consider when it comes to remote technical support companies than just the services they render. To ensure that your experience is a smooth one and that you're working with qualified technicians, look for services that provide a free price quote and a money-back guarantee that they clearly explain on their websites. Many tech support companies also have Microsoft Certified technicians, which means they have obtained technical certifications for Microsoft products and are thus highly qualified to provide PC service.

    Help & Support

    When dealing with any service-based company, help and support is a crucial determinant, and online tech support services are no exception. Aside from 24-hour availability, these services should offer live assistance via telephone and online chat, as well as both remote and onsite support. Other customer service options you may find useful include an online account that allows you to track your service, billing and repairs, as well as self-help tools on the service's website, such as troubleshooting and how-to guides. Another important consideration is hold time. You shouldn't have to wait for hours to connect with a technician who can assist you.

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    Address :- 636/023 B Astha Vihar Colony Sec-11 Indira Nagar Lucknow U.P India 226016 Mobile +91 9919548750 Email: care@Ramji Shuklatele.in